Food is intimacy. Celebration. Conversation. Love shared. Secrets divulged. Dreams birthed.
Food is life.

Your food styling should reflect the human experience, all the intimacy, messiness, beauty, and humanness we encounter.

When your audience sees your photos, they should be able to hear the laughter, feel the love, experience the moments they depict.

They are the hero, you are the guide to the beautiful life they desire.


Curated conversations. Hosted experiences.

Dinner parties are a lost art form.

An art of connecting, of lingering over glasses of wine,
of sharing stories and moments of encountering each other in authentic and meaningful ways.

Imagine a table filled with guests engaging in guided conversation and encountering your brand in a way that creates powerful emotional connections.

Dinner parties with By Kara Elise are more than an event, they are a curated, hosted human experience.


An expert insight, a trusted friend.

We are a generation of Yelpers, Bloggers, Instagrammers. We want our information firsthand from someone we trust, whose opinion is unbiased and has authority. We want to receive our truths in the context of a story.

On the By Kara Elise blog, you have a built in audience
consisting of thousands of trusted friends who look to Kara for the inside scoop they have neither the time nor the expertise to form themselves.

And instead of swiping through your ads, your brand will be met with the kind of gratitude that exists in shared secrets between friends.