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figs, rosé, and lavender

During the holidays, I love infusing my house with amazing scents. There is something so festive about a room smelling like Christmas trees or roasted chestnuts. Scents have such an ability to create an environment- when I walk into a wonderfully aromatic room, I instantly feel welcome.

One of my favorite go-to scents is lavender. Lavender has naturally calming and soothing properties. It is known to calm anxiety, help with insomnia and depression, and even restlessness- which we can all use a reprieve from over the holidays.

One thing I notice about lavender is its ability to make me linger. For me, slowing down is such a discipline and there seems to be something about that particular scent that instantly prompts me to breathe slower, and be a little more present.

A while back, my friend Tara popped over and brought me the most delicious bouquet of lavender that has lasted forever and since permeated my apartment. We made the most delicious concoction of vanilla bean ice cream, fresh figs, vanilla sea salt, and lavender to linger over during the afternoon. We also, and not surprisingly, poured a couple of glasses of rosé to toast the day. It was one well spent.

If you’re spending a day with a dear friend or having time with family, infuse your home with some delicious scents to create a space for connection, and if you need a mind-blowing delicious dessert, a good quality vanilla bean ice cream topped with fresh fruit and vanilla sea salt is a simple yet luxurious seeming treat to savor.




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