There are moments we have when we see everything around us fall into place for just that - a moment. You recognize them. You remember them. When the music sways, a line of conversation lingers, and the flavors you bite into are perfectly harmonized, yet altogether unexpected. This is the curated experience a space was created for. This is the art of hosting.

Hosting is about welcoming people in, in every way. It is an invitation in the form of making someone feel seen once they walk in the door, and in details uncertain to be seen, but entirely felt. And food, well it's the most powerful way to do this. Food is our universal language, our daily necessity. It is a vehicle for people to gather around and connect with each other over - and when we do, it's magic.

"Kara is my go-to hostess for our brand. She is warm, disarming, kind, and welcoming - which makes each guest feels seen, heard, and cared for. She is extremely talented, intuitive, and gifted relationally, so I completely trust her to carry the hosting experience from start to finish!"
- Sarah Dubbeldam, Editor in Chief, Darling Magazine

"Working with Kara has been a true gift to me this past year. She has the most amazing ability to make every person feel so cared for and special. When you enter her presence it feels like coming home, to a safe and loving place. It's an honor and a privilege to work and host beside her, and to learn from her."
- Ruthie Lindsey, Speaker / Stylist

"Kara is the ultimate hostess. We've loved having her host and curate parties in our home! She makes beautiful food with such attention to detail and ease in the kitchen, and is a calming joy to be around. The world will be happier having her as its hostess."
- Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Actress