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how to roast radishes

I’ve already posted about these delightful roasted radishes here, but now I’m sharing the cute how-to video that The Kitchn and I made for you!

Roasting radishes is probably something you’ve never thought to do, so this will change your vegetable game for good. When you roast radishes, they take on this very buttery, potato-like texture, which is a big turn from the bitter crunch they’re known for.

And while most of us wouldn’t reach for a bowl of raw radishes as a side dish, that all changes when you serve up a bowl of radishes that are seasoned and roasted to perfection. It’s like raw and roasted radishes are two very different vegetables in one! And this video on how to roast them makes it so easy.

I encourage you to venture out this week, and give this recipe a go. Happy roasting!



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