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kore kitchen cleansing // and earth day!

When I met the darling Meryl from Kore Kitchen, I was immediately intrigued by her philosophy on food. Kore was started with the foundational belief that food is an incredible tool that affects our well-being. Our core, or “kore” rather, represents our holistic self- mind, body, and spirit, and by nourishing ourselves well, we set are bodies, minds and spirits up for success. Meryl told me about her 3 day whole food cleanse, and I knew I had to give it a try.

In a city that is hyped with cleanses, detoxes, customized eating programs and every kind of diet you can imagine, I’m always a bit skeptical when I hear the word cleanse. When I hear the word cleanse, my mind defaults to deprivation, but the beauty of the Kore cleanse is the abundance of it. Instead if ever feeling deprived, throughout the cleanse I felt full, content, and stabilized. It was fantastic- and incredibly easy.

Two adorable totes showed up on my doorstep on Thursday night packed with goodies for the next three days. Plus, Kore Kitchen is so keen on not wasting that all of their packaging and materials are recyclable and earth friendly. Each container is bio-degradable, and all of the smoothies and soups come in recyclable glass bottles. So not only are you eating well and feeling great, you are also supporting a greater cause of sustainability.

The Kore Cleanse combines fresh seasonal produce, superfood smoothies, and some incredible products to help reset your digestive system, boost immunity, decrease inflammation, and eliminate toxins from the body. The entire intention of Kore Kitchen is to help people adapt a healthier lifestyle in a convenient and holistic way. In just three days, I found myself feeling more energized, lighter, and fully satisfied. And, I really loved jumping on board with her sustainability stance.

Also, in honor of Earth Day coming up, Kore has teamed up with the lovely Rolling Greens to offer a free potted herb for any orders placed for Friday. So if you’re in LA and in need of a body and mind reboot, give this cleanse a go. Your body will love you for it.

Oh- and those beautiful paintings that match my drink? They’re done by one of my all-time favorites: Brigit Bell Ritchie



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