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market egg skillet

Breakkie has my heart, without a doubt. See herehere, and here, not to mention many other posts on this little bloggy.

And make it an easy breakkie? Even better! I love whipping up dishes that require minimal effort so I can focus on whatever else I may be doing, or whoever I may have visiting.

This market egg skillet is a prime example of minimal effort for a highly delicious outcome. It’s my go-to when hosting friends, because I can easily slice and chop, then toss everything in the skillet and let my stovetop and oven do the work for me. I’m usually cooking this up while chatting with my guests and sipping on a mimosa.

Another thing I love about this market egg skillet is its spontaneity; the veggies in this dish are based on whatever’s available to me at that moment, or what’s in season at my grocery store or market- I never know until I’m prepping to make it, what foods I’ll be using.

To make this even more fun, try taking your family or some friends to a local morning farmers market, having everyone pick out a veggie or two, and then bringing your haul back home and making this egg skillet right then and there!

We’re still seeing some gorgeous tomatoes over here in LA, so they’re the highlight of my market egg skillet along with zucchini, kale, and shallots. And as a sauce and condiments lover, I thought it only right to dollop large quantities of pesto in there too.

I’d love to know, what veggies would you use in your market egg skillet?

Market Egg Skillet {with tomatoes, zucchini, kale, and shallots}

About 5 cups of assorted veggies, washed and chopped or sliced
3-5 eggs
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Sauce for drizzling- like pesto!

Saute all of your veggies in olive oil with some garlic and salt and pepper in a skillet for about 8-10 minutes, or until softened and cooked through.
Gently crack the eggs over the veggies, being careful not to break the yolks.
Allow the eggs to cook on the stove top for about 2-5 minutes, then place under a broiler for another 2-5 minutes until the whites of the eggs are cooked through! Drizzle with your sauce of choice and serve with toasty bread.

Note: the cooking time on your stove top and broiler will depend on how you like your eggs- cook for less time if you like them runny and soft, more time if you like the whites and yolk more firmly cooked.



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