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mixed fruit and coconut yogurt parfait

We’re lucky that here in California, certain foods are seasonally available for longer periods of time, depending on our local farms {and the weather of course; we’re still seeing temps around the high 80s around here so fall is still ever so slightly out of reach}.

In a recent Farmbox delivery of mine, I was thrilled to see a few of my summer favorites still lingering around. I knew I had to savor the last bit of summer sweetness and let these fruits shine in a simple parfait.

When highlighting fruit in this way, I’m a huge fan of breaking the rules and mixing all types of fruits together. Nine times out of ten, the surprising combinations end up being so delicious!

This time I went for it: honeydew, blackberries, plum, and passionfruit. My taste buds were thrilled- it was like the fruits of my day-to-day met vacation fruits and decided to throw a party.

Fruit parfaits are always a great idea for a quick breakkie or brunch side-and the colors of the various fruits always make the dish so beautiful! If the produce in your region is strictly cold-weather seasonal right now, I say experiment with that! Combine citrus, apples, dates, figs, and maybe even some pumpkin?! Get creative and surprise yourself with the results.

Mixed Fruit and Coconut Yogurt Parfait

1-1 1/2 cups coconut yogurt (or any yogurt of your choice!)
1/2 a plum, sliced
1/2 a passion fruit
A few slices of honeydew melon
A small handful of blackberries, halved
Toasted coconut chips or shreds
Chia seeds for sprinkling

Place your yogurt in a bowl and top with your scooped out passion fruit, then arrange the sliced plum, honeydew, and blackberries. Sprinkle a generous helping of both your toasted coconut and chia seeds on top, then dig in!



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