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nomva snacks

Snacking is essential for me. While I love creating slow, deliberate meals in the kitchen, I can’t deny the power of grab and go bites for my inevitably busy days. It’s in those rushy moments where your snack decisions can make or break you, so I’m always grateful for delicious snacks that take the guesswork out of my hands. EnterĀ Nomva.

Nomva snacks are filled with real fruits and vegetables and tons of probiotics- so basically everything that’s super good for you. Then, high pressure processing technology is used to preserve every pack so they’re never heated and important nutrients and vitamins aren’t lost.

Throw all of that into a convenient and easy-to-hold-in-one-hand-pouch, and another snacking dream has been fulfilled. I’m particularly fond of their kale pack (although it’s hard to choose since they’re all so good), it’s much sweeter than you’d think, all while getting your greens!

Check out Nomva’s website to find a store selling these perfect pouches near you and then happy snacking!

Photos from the lovely Amanda Gallant



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