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table inspiration with jenn sanchez

It is an amazing thing what kind of beauty flowers can bring to a dinner table. They hold this wonder and magic that fills a space with fragrance, brightness, and the promise of spring. I love adding in pops of color to any dinner party or brunch- they add this sense of life to a table, making it even more inviting. I had the opportunity to throw a Darling Dinner a while back, and this week’s table inspiration comes from Jenn Sanchez, a florist in Southern California who adorned the table with the loveliest floral arrangements.

Jenn’s style is so dreamy and whimsical. Her arrangements are so inspiring and add this beautiful wonderland feel to any table. Her flowers are her works of art- feeling free in her design but also giving structure to each bouquet. Jenn’s intuition in creating arrangements for a simpler tablescape was perfect. She popped in color where needed, and used neutrals to balance out the various arranged plates.

Setting a table that reflects you or a chosen theme or idea, can be such a fun way to bring your guests into an experience. You can create a mood and environment that makes dining more fun by adding touches of beauty and eloquence to a table, and one of the best ways to do that is through flowers. These playful arrangements made for a light and dreamy evening of dining together.

This week, if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your table, give an arrangement a go. Gather a few of your favorite stems in your favorite color palate and go to play!

Photos by Brooke Borough



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