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Breakkie Food Series What I'm Eating

5 ways to eat eggs on whole 30

April 8, 2016

My journey on Whole 30 has ended, can you believe it? With all my nervousness about giving up some of my favorite things (aka wine and bubble gum), it was actually a pretty incredible month. I loved the way it challenged me to think about the things I put in my body, and it challenged me to get creative and playful in the kitchen. I think that starting your day well is such a gift to give yourself, and during Whole 30, I loved coming up with breakkies that were full of flavor and more than just your standard fried egg. So today I’m sharing my 5 favorite ways to eat eggs during your Whole 30 journey. And if you’re beginning the process- these dishes are great anytime of the day, not just breakfast!

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Breakkie Series What I'm Eating

the whole 30 journey…it begins with a soft boiled egg and sweet potato medley

March 7, 2016

Yesterday, I made the leap you guys. I decided to jump, to go for it, and to actually commit to the Whole 30. I’ve done it once before, last April actually. It was such an incredible month of removing the grime from my body, of thinking clearly, and of consciously choosing health. This time around, I’m calling it the “dirty 30″…getting rid of all the dirt and taking on all the whole.

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