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the perfect thanksgiving bite with anne sage

I’m amazed that it’s here already! Thanksgiving! The food centric celebratory holiday that focuses on gratitude and loved ones, all around a gigantic dinner table filled delicious things. I love it.

This year I’m staying in California as opposed to jumping back to Michigan. I’m going to miss being home. My family loves celebrating over food. For us, Thanksgiving is not your typical large meal at 5pm…no, ours is an all day affair of food, starting at about 11am, with plates of appetizers and cheese boards and sometimes even hand rolled sushi. I know. We go all out. Thanksgiving dinner is around 5pm with all the standards, and then somewhere around 7pm, we manage to make a little space for dessert, which consists of at least 4 varieties of pie. It’s the ultimate day of celebration with food.

This year, as I’ll be out of the standard Michigan indulgence day, I’m heading to Medieval Times with some dear friends. I’ve never been, so now Thanksgiving is becoming a day of food and adventure for me. I cannot wait.  However, I still am so aware of my need for that ultimate Thanksgiving bite. You know what I’m talking about- it’s the bite with all of the flavors in one delectable forkful. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry, some herbs. The perfect bite, or as I like to say, picky bit.

My friend Anne Sage has been searching for this perfect bite for quite a while, and to be honest, I think she might have mastered it. She’s come up with a way to create that bite over and over- and in addition to tasting amazing, it’s so beautiful! I’ve got to share it (and of course make it) this turkey day.

Anne says that the recipe for these perfect bites is pretty fluid and depends on your idea of the perfect bite!

A basic guideline is to build a stack from a base (like a cracker or biscuit), your favorite stuffing, several 1/4″ thick slices of roasted turkey, plenty of thawed frozen cranberries, and some fried sage leaves.

This is where you have full freedom to get creative. What are your favorite Thanksgiving flavors? Add them in! Gravy? Cornbread instead of a cracker? A little sweet potato addition? It’s a picky bit you can play with to ensure that you get your perfect bite this Thanksgiving!

Photos by Carley Rudd



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