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a women & whiskies + kore kitchen brunch…the sustainable kind

There is nothing I love more than bringing some of my favorite women together around a table. A few weeks back, I got to do so with some of LA’s finest mindful and entrepreneurial women. With events in full effect during the summer, I wanted to do something a little off the cuff and unique… So I grabbed my darling friend Meryl from Kore Kitchen (you can see some of her goodness here!) to chef a sustainable backyard brunch complete with morning cocktails with yes, with my favorite libation: whiskey!

Brunch! It’s a notorious meal of bonding, bubbly, and spending leisurely time eating, drinking, and catching up with girlfriends. For this specific brunch, I teamed up with Women & Whiskies and Kore Kitchen to throw an adorable backyard brunch, highlighting the sustainable practices of Kore Kitchen along with the mindfulness that Russell’s Reserve takes towards grain in their whiskies.

Kore Kitchen is 100% sustainable, and founder Meryl believes that you can make a big difference in your world by becoming mindful of the waste you’re creating and making small changes in your life to practice sustainability. For the brunch, we used all recyclable dishes and glassware, and used real linens to avoid paper waste. Plus — this made everything look so colorful and darling!

Also- my favorites over at Society 6 did such an incredible job outfitting us with fantastic yard-gear for the brunch. Pillows, blankets, rugs, and backdrops that made the whole morning pop with color and cuteness.

Looking for ways to be sustainable in your hosting? Get creative: Use old mason jars, juice bottles, and recycled glass for glasses! Shop your local farmers markets for produce! When you’re shopping from local farmers instead of a grocery store, you’re reducing waste and carbon emissions. Plus, eating locally does your body good.

My favorite Kore Kitchen dish from the morning? The spring vegetable frittata with leek, asparagus, mushroom, potato, and cherry tomatoes! Delightful! Oh and those chocolate gluten free baked donuts were magic. Head over to Kore Kitchen to learn more about her delicious dishes.



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