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baked eggs & greens with pesto

a brunch with thrive and soul cycle
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a brunch with Thrive & Soul Cycle

July 25, 2016

It’s a pretty obvious thing that I love brunching. A bit back, I got to host such a fun event; it was a Soul-Cycle ride followed by a Thrive brunch. I’ve posted about Thrive a couple of times, mostly because I’m ridiculously obsessed with their algae oil. It’s this perfectly neutral oil derived from algae, and its smoke point is so high that it makes everything delightfully crispy. You can see it here. SO, all that said, when Thrive told me they created an algae protein powder, I was pumped to try it, and use it in a bunch of yummy brunch recipe goodness.

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Food Sweets

whole 30 mango ice cream with caramelized bananas

July 20, 2016

Just a few short months ago, I took the Whole 30 challenge in an effort to focus on conscious health and pressing the restart button on my body from the inside out. It turned out to be such an incredible month of learning (and eating!) and I’m so glad I committed to the change.

My goal during my journey was to stay inspired and creative with my dishes, all while eating within the parameters of the Whole 30 diet. And that had to include sweet treats!

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Bigger Bits Food

summer squash pasta

July 14, 2016

Summer is well underway and I usually toe the line of wanting healthier fare like fresh fruits and bright salads, while still craving some indulgences, like all the rosé and cheese boards.

Today’s summer squash pasta is the perfect solution.

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Bigger Bits Food

perfect pack ahead salads

July 8, 2016

Let’s talk about taking the time to intentionally think about, prep, and create what we’re putting into our bodies. Most commonly, by Sunday evening, our week ahead is looking pretty daunting. We’ve all go a lot going on but as a result, our meals can sometimes drop to the bottom of our priority list. I say no to that! And I’ve created today’s pack ahead salad to combat it all.

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Products I Love Series

little duck organics

July 6, 2016

I love food that is doing good and is good for you. Great habits start young, and it was in those younger years that I learned to love cooking, food, and eating well. The days of discounting children’s’ taste buds and health are thankfully long gone as we begin to discover new ways to nourish ourselves while still enjoying what we eat.

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